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Preparation work of steel uncoiling line before quasi-dynamic condition operation


Preparation work of steel uncoiling line before quasi-dynamic condition operation

1. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and operation method of the equipment, know electrical safety and be familiar with the knowledge of maintenance and maintenance. After passing the examination, the operator must operate the equipment with the operation certificate, and it is forbidden to overload the use of the equipment.

2. When using the crane to lift materials, we should know the knowledge of bundling and hanging, and master the lifting signal.

3, before entering the work post should carefully check whether the personal labor protection equipment is complete, wearing is correct before entering the work post. 4, before operation, check the preheating loop water pump, lubrication, transmission part of shot blasting, motor, dust removal fan. Conveying track painting is normal. After a fault is found, it is forbidden to start the machine until it is removed.

5. No drinking before duty.

6, the team before the shift safety speech, will be before the shift of a variety of self-inspection situation for notice, layout of the day's operation safety notes.


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TX is is one of the leading manufacturers of precision slitting lines, our slitter lines are suitable to process materials used and produced in steel mill, metal coil service centres, the automotive and appliance industry, such as stainless steel, aluminium, pre-painted steel, galvanized steel cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, carbon steel, high tensile steel, electric steel, copper, brass and titanium. In many years of design practice, TX machinery has continuously optimized and improved the structure of the uncoiler, so that the performance of the uncoiler has been improved. If you have any questions about slitting or uncoiler requirements, please feel free to contact us.



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