Winter Cycling Clinic returns for second year

UK Transportation announced in a press release Monday that its second Winter Cycling Clinic will be held Wednesday, Dec. 5, starting at 4:30 p.m. in front of?Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library.

The clinic will be free, with cycling experts on-hand to share information about how to ride safely during inclement weather. They will also share information about what winter gear cyclists need to keep safe and comfortable throughout the cold weather season.?

“Riding a bike doesn’t have to be just a warm weather option,” said Sandra Broadus, alternative transportation manager for UK Transportation Services in the press release. “You really can ride all winter long, but it does take a bit more preparation and know-how.”

Bicycle maintenance is also critical during the winter, with snow and ice can present special challenges for riders. The interactive clinic will help teach cyclists what they need to do to keep their bikes in tip-top shape during the winter.