Why Use Bearing Heater in CNC Machine Tool

Bearing is an integral part of the mechanical rotation, but in the process of assembly and repair, the installation and use of bearing are not as simple as imagined. This is because the tolerance fit requirements will produce interference, which will bring great difficulties to the operation. In the face of this situation, workers usually apply external pressure or flame heating to the bearing, oil boiling heating, or using the most primitive technology, that is, hammering and other methods.



However, the side effects of these methods are visible, which is easy to cause shaft roughening, bearing damage, noise increase, service life reduction, etc. Therefore, the bearing heater of the CNC machine tool came into being.

The bearing heater is composed of power transformer, moving iron core, temperature driver, digital display of electronic numerical control, etc. according to the table of selection parameters of bearing temperature heating, the principle of metal thermal expansion is used accurately to provide data for the coordination of taking and shaft and the assembly is successful.

When using, the factory should select different diameter core columns according to the inner diameter of the bearing, screw its moving core on the heater panel, sleeve the heating bearing on the moving core column, and then push the group together with the moving core column to form a closed magnetic circuit for the transformer. According to the matching requirements of bearing sleeve and shaft, the heating temperature can be found from the parameter selection table.

Insert the end core plug of the temperature sensor into the sensor socket of the heating machine base, place the temperature sensor head in the bearing or the inner ring of the shaft sleeve, and press the shaft on the temperature sensor head. The working table plate to make it in good contact to measure the temperature accurately. Turn the power dividing switch off the heater to the corresponding gear, connect the power supply, and complete it within 30 seconds to 3 minutes according to the inner diameter of the bearing and shaft sleeve and the heating time.

Turn on the temperature digital display controller, and turn on the power switch. When the heating starts, the digital temperature display continuously displays the heating temperature of the bearing. When the temperature rises to the predetermined ideal temperature, the power supply can be cut off, the iron core can be pulled out, the bearing can be taken out from the panel, the shaft diameter to be assembled can be sleeved, and then it is finished.

The bearing heater of the CNC machine tool applies to almost all kinds and brands of bearings, including FAG bearing, NSK bearing, SKF Bearing, etc. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. sell these bearings with excellent quality and favorable price. Welcome to purchase.