Tips on maintenance of SKF bearings

The way you maintain your bearings may decide how long you can use them. Proper maintenance and handling to your SKF bearings may increase the life of bearings, and keep the bearings in good condition. There are following several points you need to know while handling bearings.

maintain SKF bearings

  1. Handling with care

Bearings are high precision components, you need to be careful while cleaning or handling them. The SKF bearings should be stored and used in proper conditions and environment.  Bearings should be stored horizontally in a clean and dry environment with their packaging intact. Care should be taken to avoid exposing bearings to airborne contaminants, as just a tiny speck of dirt in a raceway can cause premature bearing failure. Do not hammer, pound or apply direct force on a bearing or its outer ring. This can cause the rolling elements to be damaged and misaligned. Bearings should also not be installed if they have been dropped or mishandled, as little cracks and scratches can result in poor performance, and subsequently, premature bearing failure.


  1. Inspect the bearing house and shaft.

Before mounting a bearing, inspect the housing and shaft for physical condition or damage. Use a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces clean, and ensure any nicks and burrs are removed.


  1. Use the bearings correctly according to handbook.

You should use the SKF bearings properly by reading the handbook. The bearings should be correctly mounted.


  1. Avoid application in extreme conditions.

Read the handbook carefully and avoid extreme conditions such as overheating, corrosion, extremely low temperature.

  1. Use proper lubricant

Use proper lubricant is essential for SKF bearing maintenance. Lubricants can be either oil or grease, and the right lubricant depends on a series of factors such as environmental conditions, temperature, speed and load. Follow SKF bearings recommendations for the most suitable grade and type of lubricant. Failure to use the right lubricant can result in machine failure or voiding of warranty. Do check lubrication levels frequently and be sure to change lubricants at least yearly.


In sum, you need to maintain and handle your bearings carefully to prevent damage. If you would like to replace a bearing, you may go to

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