Man cycling across the country to raise awareness for suicide prevention

One man is riding his bike across the country to raise awareness for a very important issue.

Daniel Hurd has been to 17 states and has traveled over 6,000 miles all on his bicycle to raise awareness for suicide prevention. An issue very close to him.

Hurd has attempted suicide three times. Now after being helped by a friend, he wants to give back. So, for eight months he’s rode his bike to spread his message of love.

The message on the front of his bike says be the change. He picked that up on his stop in Pennsylvania.

He wants people to know that it’s important to talk about their issues. And if someone reaches out to you about their issues, it’s important to take them seriously.

This bike ride is also beneficial for someone else. It’s beneficial for Daniel himself.

“It’s definitely important to reach out. But for me, telling my own story and telling people about what I’ve dealt with is like releasing my own demons,” said Hurd.

Dan is also doing this without any savings. He’s living off the donations given by people who support his cause.

Daniel will spend his time in Savannah touring the area before moving on to the next state.