Africa Spends $ 80 Billion To Build 10 Gigawatt Hydropower Station

Nowadays, the role of hydropower stations has been seen in various regions of the world, and many areas are building their hydropower stations in combination with the terrain. It is reported that there is a large hydropower project in Africa.

Bearings play a significant role in hydropower stations. Tapered roller bearings are equipped with thin and long rollers (the length of the rollers is 3 to 10 times the diameter, and the width is generally not greater than 5 mm). Therefore, the radial structure is compact and its inner diameter When the size and load capacity are the same as those of other types of bearings, the outer diameter is the smallest, which is especially suitable for the support structure with limited radial installation size—needle roller bearings used in different applications. The machining accuracy and surface quality should be combined with the bearing rings and forms. Needle roller bearings are bearing units that combine radial needle roller bearings and thrust bearing components. At the same time, the establishment of hydropower stations also requires the strong support of the government.

The African government attaches great importance to the construction of this hydropower station and plans to build another large hydropower station beyond China’s Three Gorges Hydropower Station. According to related news reports, the British-Canada Hydropower Station is located above the Congo River in Africa, and the project has been under construction in previous years.
According to the African engineer’s construction plan, the construction of the Yingjia Hydropower Station is divided into six phases. Now the first two phases of the project have been completed, and the third phase of the project is also under steady progress. It is expected to be officially ended in 2020.
Wait until the sixth phase of the project is completed, the power generation capacity of the British-Canada hydropower station will reach 44,000 megawatts. Such power generation will solve significant power resource problems for Africa.

To ensure the smooth construction of the British-Canada hydropower station, the government needs to invest the US $ 80 billion in support. This fund is also a significant expenditure for Africa. For this reason, the Chinese government has provided support to Africa. The British-Canada hydropower station was jointly invested and constructed by China, the United States, and the three African countries, hoping to bring convenience to the African continent.