Advantages of steel office furniture

1 stable and durable

Steel office furniture manufacturing mainly uses spot welding and argon arc welding technology, all parts are closely connected and become an integral part, which makes steel furniture more stable, durable, and deformation free.

2 Safety

Steel office furniture has a fire-proof function, waterproof and anti-theft, which makes it a highly safe product. Wooden furniture does not have these advantages. Therefore, steel office furniture can be used in a harsh environment.

3 high space utilization

Because the steel plate is thinner than other materials, the steel office furniture can make full use of the space, with the significant advantage of saving space, and the internal space can be fully utilized.

4 environmental protection

Steel office furniture can be environmentally friendly from the source. Do not pollute the environment.

5 easy to clean and maintain

Steel office furniture is easy to clean. You don’t need to take care of it often. It would help if you did some maintenance work in the right way occasionally.

6. Strong bearing capacity

Steel office furniture has a strong bearing capacity. All steel cabinets, drawer cabinets, and steel cabinets have optimized structures, and these optimization and innovation make the steel furniture have an extremely high bearing capacity.

7 long service life

In a pleasant environment, if you use the right way, the service life of steel office furniture is almost 10-20 years.

8 widely used

Office furniture can be commonly used in schools, offices, factories, staff dormitories, changing rooms, warehouses, government agencies, gymnasiums, supermarkets, libraries, hospitals, and other long-term efforts.


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